Colbert Saint-Laurent
Spiritual Alchemist & Tantra Instructor

The Alchemist is a trained Meditation and Sacred Sexuality practitioner, An Inner Alchemy Facilitator, as well as a Life & Business Coach. He has spent years practicing and acquiring complete knowledge and understanding in the eastern Art of Meditation & Tantra from some of the worlds greatest masters. Colbert was able to transform his life into a divine positive light. Through guidance and allowing Source to illuminate him on his path he was able to awaken his soul purpose as a healer. He has a gift for helping his clients tap into their highest potential and align with their Soul purpose(s). The concept of Zencation Retreats was born by merging some of his most incremental passions; Self development, Transformation, Travel & Holistic Nutrition. He has organically fused these elements into a life altering experience so that clients can walk away as elevated, optimal versions of themselves.

Sophia Jackson
Tribe & Event Manager/ Tantra Instructor

Jillian "Sophia", a native to Vero Beach, Florida where she was born and raised, is a Co-Founder of Zencation Retreats with her partner Colbert. Her love for traveling, new experiences, and adventures motivated her to manifest her dreams of owning a business where spirituality is explored for personal development. As a true altruist, Jillian is dedicated to providing a healing space for people to rediscover themselves and self-actualize to their highest potentials. Her previous marketing experience enhanced her focus on a path that was created for her by fate. She thrives to give her guests a life-changing experience. Jillian is enthused and ready to move forward with everything Zencation has to offer. Beyond that, she is ready to travel and explore new locations for future retreats.

Shiva aka "Zahra" Adloo
Yoga Instructor

Zahra is known for her authentic, bubbly, non-judgmental and caring personality. Her compassionate and person-centered teaching style caters to anyone no matter the level of experience. Zahra weaves energy lifting meditations throughout her classes by applying the ancient wisdom of traditional Eastern Kundalini yoga practices in a meaningful and understandable way. As a Kundalini yoga instructor and aspiring Therapist, she encourages the growth of the physical and spiritual self through the vulnerability to be authentic to yourselves, to each other, and to the universe.”

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Occupational Therapist, Brain Coach



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Alchemist, Holistic Healer


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Self Love Coach & Plant Based Chef 


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Mental Trainer 
FloatFit&Fitness Instructor 
Sauna Master 
Spa&Wellness Therapist 
Event Manager 



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Meditation Coach 


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Certified Emotion Code Practitioner/Energy Healer



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Alpha. Queer. Non-binary. Empath. Dark Reiki. Alt life coach. Ceremonial Officiant. Advocacy Speaker. Guide. Teacher. Tarot Card Master


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Storyteller, Shaman, Intuitive Healer